Q & A ABOUT FAC 1101.

Q. How is a Fine Arts Complex different from a Museum or a Gallery Space?

A. FAC 1101 supports critical programming in the arts, art research and other services that are not regularly provided for by other instituitons. This includes, but is not limited too, career counseling, research fellowships, invitations to lecture, the chance to engage in peer review critiques, and regular opportunities to meet with visiting artsits and curators. The FAC offers museum quality programming on a more intimate scale while being able to support critical exhibitions that may fall outside the interests of the commercial gallery system.   


Q. What is the relationship of the FAC to other Art Institutions?

A. The FAC receives regular input from other arts organizations with regard to its programming through an advisory board. The FAC can also act as a partner institution for exchange shows, visiting artists and guest lecturers. By cultivating institutional partnerships with art professionals who have a deep knowledge of contemproary curatorial practices the FAC aims to continually expand the reach and breadth of its operations. By working with individuals at the forefront of today's culture the FAC aims to cultivate an open dialogue about local, national and global trends in curatorial practice. 


Q. How can I get involved at the FAC?

A. The easiest way to get involved at the FAC is to come to our events. Make sure to get on our e-mail list through the 'Appointments' page, like us on facebook and follow our twitter feed to stay updated on openings, artist opportunities and other public offerings. We also have internships, research fellowships, teaching opportunities, peer-review critique groups, portfolio review days and any number of other ways to participate in programming. We hope to see you soon at one of our events. 


Q. What can FAC1101 do For me?

A. FAC is here to help you lay out a career path in the arts that suits your particular interests. The chance to attend residency programs, to apply for grants and fellowships, and to secure exhibtion opportunites varies in any given year. Changes in your job, your art practice, and life in general may bring periods of personal reevalution and redirection. During these times the FAC is here to help keep you connected to the things that make a life in the arts exciting for you. Please contact us today to take advantage of the services we offer.


Q. What can I do for the FAC?

A. Come out to openings. Bring a friend or a few friends. Forward our show invites to interested parties. Come out to see the work and stay to socialize with the artists and the art community. Ask questions. Get used to meeting interesting people. Support the arts and our institution through donations and direct contributions. Ask where the afterparty is and keep the conversation going. If you are interested in an artist contact us to set up a studio visit. Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and make sure to get on our e-mail list through the appointments page. Thanks in advance for gettting involved and for connecting others with our programs, projects and community goals.

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