"Let no one enter here who is not a geometer." - Plato

"Geometric art has served to hide the fact that the modern deployment of the geometric is stranger than the strange myths of traditional societies." - Peter Halley

"The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades long effort to reformulate quantum field theory..." - Natalie Wolchove

As virtual worlds become increasingly immersive, geometric art has expanded into the space of the gallery to become an equally interactive experience. While geometric abstraction in the first half of the twentieth century revolved around a discourse of purity and essentialism, and the postmodern moment of Neo-Geo reacted against this transcendental gesture by pointing to how geometry is always already inscribed in one cultural narrative or another, today's geometric artists see geometry as part of the world. Whether confining us, confronting us or being something we simply make use of, geometry is implicated in almost every part of day-to-day living.

Virtual geometries of connectivity, communication, and architecture information interpenetrate the hard geometries of domestic, public and corporate spaces in equal measure. As such, Geometry in the Expanded Field asks us to experience the complexity of the contemporary moment by examining the ways in which geometric figures permeate various school's of thought about artistic production, including sound art, light and space, video art, re-appropriation art, land art, photography, and abstract painting. Only in this exhibit, many of these previously exclusive idioms are mixed together, allowing for the emergence of a new complexity at the level of both form and content.

But even while engaging in a theater of conflicted registers, the works in Geometry in the Expanded Field still underscore the power of form to direct attention, to focus perception, and to unite a multitude of contradictions. Toward this end, this group show of new works challenges our ability to receive and interpret forms that are still considered to be engaged in the discussion of classical, ideal, and even 'eternal' forms. Furthermore, recent discoveries in quantum mechanics even presuppose that geometry may be the sole basis of all particle physics as well as an entre into how we understand both the visible and the invisible world.

Following on these recent revelations, the works in Geometry in the Expanded Field give us the possibility of moving beyond polemics about the purity of form or culturally inscribed narratives to engage with a realm of more direct questions about order and disorder, which geometric art is uniquely suited to address. Of course, it is the geometric impulse in art that renews the promise of such inquiries by providing us, not with examples or explanations, but with new expressions given over to us as objects of contemplation. As such, we are never really beyond the 'geometric moment' in art, but instead, find ourselves 'eternally' subject to a series of mathematical investments in the field of aesthetic ideation.

Artists in the show: Rachel Goodwin, April Friges, Brian Thomas Jones, Michelle Jane Lee, Mark Pomilio, Traivs Rice, Gregory Simoncic and Denise Yaghmourian.

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