Diana Calderon: We The People

Join our Free Live Stream on election night, nov. 3, from 7-9pm for an unconventional election night dinner with Diana Calderon here on Facebook Live! This will be a performative art intervention; a live untraditional "election party".

Become part of a moment of sharing space and creative energy with strangers and friends online. 

This is a free platform where we can feel connected to each other through Facebook, and be free to be ourselves as if we were in the comfort of our own home, or friend’s home. 

This will be a performative "live dinner party". A dirty cloth that was previously used as tablecloth and napkin at Calderon's home during a social distance birthday gathering, and it bares the traces of where 8 friends shared a meal to celebrate a birthday. We encourage you to get out your own materials for art, games, and fun exchanges that will bare the traces of friendship on this historical evening.

Before this cloth was used for a the shared meal in the gallery, it started out with a pencil line drawing of the Statue of Liberty waist up. With the drawing, Calderon wanted to focus on the halo of The Statue of Liberty, or 7 rays that emphasize the 7 nations and celebrate unity as an immigrant nation, on native land. We encourage you to focus on symbols of hope, courage and strength this election eve. 

With all of the above in mind, we present for one night only, the performance of "We the People" which celebrates those values and much more in a closed setting with participants selected by the artist. 

Join Diana Calderon and friends for a live stream, and set us up at you dinner table, or just take a break from the election results and celebrate our unity and sense of mutual belonging together online rather than through the polarized partisanship that is all around us.


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