Alptraum: The Wandering Show 

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 21st, 7-10pm. 

Curated by Marcus Sendlinger with Grant Vetter and Rembrandt Quiballo (this edition)

The title of the wandering exhibition was inspired by the paintings of the Swiss artist Johann- Heinrich Füssli (1741 Zurich - 1825 London) who painted different versions of an "Incubus“ (Nachtmahr). He made the world of dreams and visions subject of his paintings which were inspired by ghost stories. Conceived and put together by Marcus Sendlinger, The Wandering exhibition or "Alptraum“ has been travelling through the world since 2010 and connects artists from all over the world, reflecting on artistic, social and cultural circumstances that are concerned with the theme of "The Nightmares." The mediums in the show include drawing, collage, photography and works on paper and the artists invited to contribute to this exhibition have been asked only to submit a work which has their direct hand in it, so that physical contact and mark making on the surface of the material is implied in a manner that is akin to the skrier, an ‘automatic writer’, a pyromancer’s stirring of the hot embers, or an ectoplasmic medium, where the hand that re-creates the subconscious wanderings of its owner. 

This naturally excludes many types of processes, but rather than excluding artists because their process prevents them from physical contact with their final piece, the artists invited to contribute have simply been asked to experiment within the pre-requisits of the theme. This offers them the opportunity to break the mould of their practice and try something slightly new, or indeed, old but discarded. Like George Orwell’s Room 101, in his predictive tale, ‘1984’, we all have our own version of what constitutes a nightmare, and for this reason, the project has been opened to a large number of artists whose nightmare versions, or visions, act to reflect different states associated with human fears and fobias, pain and panic. Alptraum is an artist led project. It is a model which utilizes global communication between localized artist hubs and clusters to form an international grouping with the intent of opening a dialog about this subject across borders and cultures in order to delve into the murkiest parts of the collective mind or to further explore the random, idiosyncratic and specific interpretations ‘The Nightmarish’ experince. As such, Each artist draws on their own internal world in order to visualize those anxieties which take them beyond the realm of everyday dreams. 

Main Gallery

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