The mission of Fine Art Complex 1101 is to bring the very best in contemporary art to Arizona while supporting the growth and development of the art community in the greater Southwest region. Toward this end we offer rotating exhibitions that showcase local work as well as that of national and internationally renowned artists. 


Every month the FAC hosts between three and five curatorial projects. The exhibition schedule is complemented by an ongoing program of artists talks, lectures, screenings and a wide variety of public offerings. Throughout the year the FAC occasionally acts as a host institution for travleing exhibitions, exchange shows and guest curators. The advisory board of the FAC includes some of the most prominent musuem curators on the West Coast and offers exhibiting artists the opportunity to get their work seen by venues beyond the Phoenix art scene.


Career development counseling, art research, academic advisement and grant writing courses are just some of the services that are offered to practicing artists at the FAC. We believe that the cultural leaders of tomorrow are challenged to grow through commuity dialogue, a commitment to personal development and a continuing engagement with the larger questions of art production. Toward this end the FAC aims to secure institutional support in order to help promote those artists who are redefining the boundaries of contemporary art production in the twenty-first century.    

About FAC

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